Mary Kathryn (MK) Britenfeld

Mary Kathryn (MK) Britenfeld

Financial Advisor

For nearly twenty years, Mary Kathryn “MK” Britenfeld racked up airline miles as she worked her way up the corporate ladder. Her dynamic leadership earned accolades from colleagues and supervisors alike. From Texas to Florida to Michigan to Colorado, MK earned promotions, put together high performing teams, developed go-to-market strategies, and closed major deals. 

But something felt off. MK realized that living out of a suitcase wasn’t helping her be the mom or the wife she wanted to be. In a leap of faith, she left her job.

After relocating back to Michigan, it didn’t take long for MK to burn through organizing the new house. Next up on her to-do list? Looking into her retirement plan.

For several months, she called her financial advisor with questions about her investments. After realigning her portfolio, he pointed out her clear interest in investing…and asked her if she’d like to work for him.

To say she was surprised would be an understatement. But her curiosity was piqued. As he outlined what would be involved in becoming a financial advisor, she prayed about it–then she called him.

“I’m interested,” she told him. “But I need to have the flexibility to pick up the kids from school. If you can work around that, I’m your gal.” 

With a deal struck, MK put her considerable energy into studying for the rigorous exams required of every financial advisor. In between test prep and reviewing her own investments, she discovered a new concept: Biblically Responsible Investing.

“I didn’t realize how many companies give money to causes and activities that go against my faith,” MK says ruefully. “I learned that companies I held investments in were supporting vices like abortion and pornography–things that I actively try to protect my children from. I needed to figure out how to get my money out of those companies."

MK found fund managers who screen companies to ensure they support human flourishing and contribute good to the world. Armed with this information, she embraced the mission to steward her money, and help other people align their investments with their values.

Today, MK couldn’t be happier–and neither could we. At Schwallier Wealth Management, she uses her formidable talents and servant’s heart to help our clients meet their financial goals. 

More about MK

  • Bachelor of Arts degree in International Studies from the University of Michigan
  • MBA degree with concentration in Strategy from the University of Notre Dame
  • A Yooper, born and raised
  • Passionate about faith-based investing.