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Our Wealth Management System serves as the hub of our clients’ financial information. On your Personal Financial Homepage, your net worth is calculated and displayed on a daily basis along with a summary of all your assets and liabilities. This sophisticated technology, coupled with our years of experience, enables us to provide you with comprehensive financial advice.

Account Aggregation

Account aggregation technology enables us to link all of your assets and liabilities to one web page regardless of where the accounts are held, including 401(k)s, brokerage accounts, annuities, mortgages, credit cards, life insurance, as well as checking and savings accounts.

Financial Planning

Within your homepage are financial planning tools that enable you to examine your financial situation. For example, you can run a retirement analysis to determine if you are on track to meet your retirement goals. In addition, you can quickly view and print many useful reports such as a net worth statement or a cash flow projection.

The Vault

The Vault is your online secure storage facility that stores and protects your valuable personal documents such as wills, trusts, insurance policies, and passports in an electronic format.

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