Adam Schwallier

Adam Schwallier



Schwallier Wealth Management LLC has been helping to improve clients' long-term financial success and change lives for over 14 years. We offer guidance in the form of financial planning, on-going investment advice and management, and insight on all things affecting life and finances. Our goal is that clients are better off for having met us, specifically, and we want to become an indispensable resource in helping clients attain financial peace.

After tiring of being a captive advisor to a broker-dealer and managing the inherent conflicts that serving two masters (employer and client) creates, Adam Schwallier formed this Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) firm. 

Schwallier Wealth Management (SWM) was borne to serve clients directly without the trappings of a broker-dealer. As a fiduciary, SWM is required to always work in clients' best interests and fully disclose any conflicts of interest.

As a fee-only firm, we work directly for clients and never accept any commission revenue that may create a conflict of interest. 

Using this approach, the firm has grown well from a single advisor office to a multiple advisor team with a robust staff.