Investment Process

Step 1: Define Your Financial Goals & Objectives

We start by working with you to clearly define your unique financial goals and objectives. We learn as much about you as we can in order to create a tailored strategy that woks for you.

Step 2: Develop An Asset Allocation

Once your financial goals and objectives are defined, we then tackle asset allocation. Studies show that this is the most important variable in determining the long-term return from a portfolio of securities, which is why asset allocation is the guiding principle of SWM's investment philosophy.

Step 3: Investment Selections and Diversification

Once your asset allocation is determined, we develop a customized portfolio, which is designed to both enhance returns and control risk. This is accomplished by selecting the best investments in each category while diversifying your portfolio among investment styles and sectors.

Step 4: Monitor, Manage & Rebalance Your Portfolio

SWM continuously monitors and manages your investment portfolio, making updates as necessary. As new money is allocated to your account, your portfolio is reviewed to ensure the deposit is properly allocated. Since asset allocation is not a one-time event, we also periodically rebalance your portfolio.